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Everything in the world was my Guru. ~ Ramana Maharshi

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  • The Opportunity
    This is an opportunity to see through the layers of collective habits and conditioning. Our awareness is experiencing an abrupt … More Read more
  • A shared Satsang is a gift to Being.
    What is written here is an invitation to rest the attention of awareness in that of the timeless, boundless nature. … More Read more
  • Grace
    Nothing to try here, Or to strain, or stress, or tense. Fret, frown or repent. Just the empty, silky sensation … More Read more
  • What comes before DNA?
    You don’t know what you don’t know. Flip that upside down and ask how knowing about something differs from deeply … More Read more
  • Becoming Nature Smart
    Ever notice how good you feel when you stop what you are doing and go sit outside? For a moment… … More Read more
  • The Big Cedar Tree
    Today a big cedar tree came down. It held the south shield powerfully for an entire family. With its absence … More Read more
  • North East Shield
    We’re coming into the Beginning of the Year. The North East shield marks the true beginning. Doing the math, 12 … More Read more
  • Lament for Innocence
    This world, so full of glory and beauty. The wild ones, so innocent, so free….. Destroyed. BURN ignorance. BURN arrogance. … More Read more

In keeping with the great mystery, let our hearts and minds stay aligned with Nature’s intentions.

Derek Jean