Who Am I?

Who Am I, can be found in the song of the birch tree. It can be found in the rush of the river. It can be found in all things. By softening the focal attention to include the possibility of realizing the fullness of life, that which is even before the song of the birch or the rush of the river is discovered as a deep longing to know more of Oneself. Like a magnetic permeation through the entirety of existence the ultimate truth is know. This realization is not found by looking around in the outside world. It is found in a sacred manner, looking within the awareness that is everywhere. I am that. This is who I am.

D. Jai River offers a reflection on the journey of awakening as experienced through the direct realization of Awareness. Enlightenment is not what you think, it is the continued realization of what you are. Pure awareness becoming aware of itself throughout every point in consciousness. Your entire Being.

In Grateful acknowledgement of the teachings shared by Clare Purna Ma, Mooji Baba and Adyashanti. ~ Namaste.

The time is Now to recognize this moment, shining bright. The time is Now to live free from conditions. The time is Now to reveal all ignorance and all arrogance of these outmoded ways. In this moment, humbled repeatedly by your grace, let us bow to your radiance, your beauty and your divine love.

~ D. Jai River

Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles.

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